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BID ASSISTANCE CLAIM FORM Southeast, Inc. Modified December 2009 ? Please use only the most current Bid Claim Form 2304 W. Taft Vineland Road Orlando, FL 32837 1-800-356-6833 Dealer Acct. No. Claim
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This assistance program is available for every vehicle on loan from dealers. In order to qualify for assistance (based on current market conditions at time of bidding), you must have a valid credit card account (with billing history) in hand or the vehicle will not be accepted through the Bid Assistance Program. Bids may be requested through the dealer, but we encourage you to be proactive and bid through the dealers website for more accurate pricing and more information (online sales are not available through the Bid Assistance Program). We are not able to provide any pricing for items not listed on the dealer website. We cannot refund any payments made under this program. All inquiries can be directed to. (Please note that dealer sales are subject to the same terms and conditions of this contract, which may differ than the terms applicable in the online auction.) All cars sold in this auction must be set up and delivered before being submitted to the auction. If a vehicle does not have a valid credit card balance, the invoice must be cancelled. If there is a balance, bids made at this time will be considered forfeits if not paid within seven (7) days of receiving the notice of bid forfeit. All forfeits must be paid with payment plan, Visa Checkout or U.S. Mail. If you do not have an account with a credit card, you may apply to your credit card company or check your current balance as follows to activate a credit/debit card. For credit card companies: 1. Open a new payment account by contacting your credit card company (or your financial institution). 2. Enter the account number and expiration date, and then follow the instructions on the front page. For non-credit card companies: 1. Complete the Form 1540A, Application for Credit Card. Sign and mail the completed form to us. Our return receipt will confirm that the form was mailed and received by us. 3. Send the completed Form 1540A with payment of any outstanding charges to: SOUTHWESTERN AUCTION ESTATES, INC. 4505 S.
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